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So Just How Unique is Uniqlo? Spring/Summer 2016

Subsidiary of Fast Retailing, Uniqlo is a line of casual business clothing that dates back to the Men’s Shop in the Forties, later adopting the name Uniqlo in the 1980’s.

Provider of uniforms for Japanese Olympic athletes in 1998, 2002, and 2004, the label also supplies the Japanese football team Thespa Kusatsu.

Operating nearly 1,000 stores worldwide, Uniqlo has taken New York city by surprise, largely due to the low-cost staples but also hard work and discipline!

A modern-day mega store, Uniqlo is hardly unique but rather a mass fashion conglomerate that operates similarly to other extremely successful labels like the Gap, H&M, Zara, and Old Navy.

But Uniqlo does set itself apart as it positions low-cost products in a high-end market—hence, offering inexpensive fashion but not cheap fashion.

Although styles are limited, the variations on each style outnumber the competitor. Well, maybe Uniqlo is unique after all!

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So Just How Unique is Uniqlo? Spring/Summer 2016 + Uniqlo