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Martíníque Spring 2016 “Modern Heritage”

The Matíníque Spring 2016 collection is a journey through the iconic styles of the American fashion heritage. Urban minimalism meets American sailor style while the vivid spirit of Las Vegas is reflected in flashes of bright colors and an overall relaxed attitude.

The American journalist Hunter S. Thompson sets the tone for the collection. In his writings Thompson blurred the lines between fact and fiction, and in his wardrobe he mixed classic men’s wear and modern eccentricity. Take a ride in a pair of classic chinos, a beat-up camel-colored leather jacket and add some personality with a polo shirt in pink, purple or turquoise. You can also grab the military-inspired jacket and toss it over a printed T-shirt with a pair of classic jeans for a cool look inspired by the iconic writer.

Denim is available in both straight and relaxed fits, while the colors range from dark blue to a variety of blues and grays in unique vintage washes. Find your favorite pair and wear them with a striped cardigan in orange, pink, blue and turquoise or go formal with a checkered shirt and a slim fitted blazer with elbow patches in matching wool or grey suede.

Suits are inspired by the urban landscapes of New York and Los Angeles. The grey and blue colors are subdued and the silhouettes are sharp. Look closer and you will see the subtle textures in the fabrics and the exquisite linings of both jackets and waistcoats.

Wear a denim blue suit with a sailor inspired T-shirt in red, blue and white stripes, or go monochrome matching the trousers with a dark blue shawl neck knit with an eye catching zipper. For a night out a sleek two-buttoned suit in shiny black cotton is a stylish choice, and this season it’s easy to find an interesting shirt. One checkered shirt is modernized with a satin stripe and other designs feature understated dots, quirky flower prints or classic stripes. Add the finishing touch with a checkered bow tie, a striped web belt or a colorful handkerchief.

This season’s outerwear ranges from a classic cotton trench coat to a sporty black parka and a navy-inspired dark blue cotton jacket with white contrast stitching. The selection reflects the unabashed masculinity of the SS2011-collection and underlines, that Matíníque offers everything a modern man needs for a stylish and relaxed spring.

Based in Denmark, Matíníque was founded in 1973 by Niels Martinsen.

Photo & text Copyright Matíníque.

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Martíníque Spring 2016 “Modern Heritage” + Men's Fashion