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Aldo 2016 Spring/Summer Campaign “Life is a Beach”

What makes the perfect beach? Is it a romantic lagoon for two? The most epic surf spot known to man? A crowded boardwalk overwhelmed with bikinis and Bermudas? Perhaps it's all of the above.
From Cabo to Coney Island, from Saint-Tropez to the Caribbean, the beach evokes a universal sense of freedom and fun -a symbol of summer that everyone loves. But rather than go to the shore for our spring/summer campaign, we took the irreverent approach and had it come to us. The concept was simple: photographer Terry Richardson pulled together some of his favorite beach icons, picked a couple models with his favorite summertime smiles, and started snapping away. The result? A campaign so sunny, you'll get a tan just looking at it.

Beach Icon Sean Opry

Sean Opry is the all-American male model, an every boy from Nowhere, Georgia (he was discovered on Facebook!) with the cheekbones of a Norse god. You know him from, like, every Calvin Klein ad or issue of GQ in the last few years; in 2009, he was named Forbes’ most successful male model. Tall, dark, and so handsome he makes Robert Pattison look like Danny De Vito, the former high school football star is now kicking it with ALDO. We couldn’t be more in love.

King of the Beach

Our SS11 theme is “Life’s a Beach,” and illustrator So Me helps us bring the beach to life. If you think you don’t know So Me, think again: he’s the Parisian graphics whiz, Ed Banger Records art director, and video auteur behind the look of music’s names-to-know Justice, MGMT, Kid Cudi and Kanye West. His work mixes art with play and one look at his work (or his blog) shows he clearly knows how to have fun, whatever the season.
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Aldo 2016 Spring/Summer Campaign “Life is a Beach” + US models