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From Britten Spring/Summer 2016: “The Gardner”

The Surveyors of Style

To be young and promising is one thing; to understand that style is more than just fashion is something else entirely. Alex and Tim, the brothers behind men’s label From Britten, are bold and ambitious yet it is within their designs that an innate sense of style is pervasive.

“Style is not just fashion. It’s natural and unforced. It’s Instinctive. It has an understated impact.” Alex contends with conviction. “And we love how fashion requires so many different aspects of creative fields to propel it forward. It’s a one stop creators dream.”

The confident precision of the From Britten aesthetic is sharp structures met by soft textures. With reference to the impressionist artist Claude Monet himself, the new season collection ‘The Gardner’ fuses practical pieces with modern features.

Inspiration is sourced through innovative measures. Tim explains, “We subtract, add, and playfully adapt the original ideas, whilst respecting the tradition of where things came from. What may be there is just as important and why it is there.”

Natural tones compliment the use of fabrication for the Spring Summer 11/12 season. Exploring the use of natural fibers, like cotton and linen, with technical fabric combinations continues the experimental processes of From Britten. Signature garments are woven by a very gentle de-saturated color scheme of off-white, putty grey, mouse brown, sand, shell pink and slate.

Tailored blazers are complimented with technical shot green, cognac and ink. Crumpled chinos, cuffed collars and button down chambray shirts capture the mechanics behind the distinctive From Britten impression.

“What technology devices do we use? What lifestyle do we lead? How do we interact with our clothes with day-to-day tasks? These are the questions we pose to ourselves when designing our collections.”

Gaining a greater sense of style is an act of anonymity for From Britten. Emerging as something more than a clothing label is an impressive feat.

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