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Cy Choi 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection “Inosculation”

The inosculation of A + B makes possible the variety of C.

This combination enables us the changes that facilitate new creation, which is still considered valid in Design.

The fixed idea cannot survive for good. The wriggling, raw-ish, untreated and alive design will be inosculated in your senses and your desires of novelty.

About Cy Choi

Cy Choi is designed by Korean designer Chul-Yong Choi, who, born in 1972, Chul-Yong Choi studied Fashion Design at the Hongik University of Seoul.

Chul-Yong Choi went on to study at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy, where he resides today. He launched Cy Choi in Paris, in 2009.

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Photos & text Copyright Cy Choi.

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Cy Choi 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection “Inosculation” + Men's Fashion