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Magnus Lõppe: An Intro

“I will be in fashion as long as I can surprise...”

Magnus Lõppe is established in February 2016 after winning a prestigious Designers Nest Award under Copenhagen Fashion Week that resulted high positive publicity in

Denmark and internationally as well as belief in Magnus Lõppes’ design by many fashion professionals.

Today, Magnus Lõppe can be considered a designer with clear, distinguishable concept that reflects through all his projects.

The statue -

The idea of perfectly calm mind being twisted with unconventional ideas and sparkles gives meaning and birth to the symbol of the trademark - everything that represents us - the statue of Magnus Lõppe - the calm basis for our twisted ideas.

The garments -

Not being afraid of technical complexity and experimenting with new tailoring techniques we create garments that follow the bespoke tailoring traditions, represent the quality of it, yet challenge the forms, cuts and patterns.

‘We allow ourselves to be creative within the frames of formal menswear...’

The project 002 - Rahunemise Projekt [‘The calming project’], presented at Copenhagen City Hall on 4th of August 2016 within the official show schedule of Copenhagen Fashion Week.‘002 - Rahunemise Projekt’ is a continuation of the project 001, exploring French-Hungarian photographer Lucien Hervé’s work. We are translating Herve’s architecture photography into garments.

Using the lines, layers, surfaces and mood.

In our universe, the man wears garments for his own satisfaction. He is a calm, mature, established and stable male in the age of 28-60. He works in the creative fields and this reflects through his way of thinking, lifestyle, and attitude...just for his own satisfaction.

The project surprises with new elements on the field of menswear—the formal kittle, cap form suit, loop form suit, coat garters, cardigan fading into cape.

The masculine pallet of 002 is beautifully earthy and dull, generally grayscale, accompanied with deep navy and metallic blue.

Wool has still remained the main fabric of the project. Fine Super 120 wool and worsted wool twills in suiting, wool-silk blends, cashmere, fine cottons in shirting and new-wool in hand knitted pieces build up a pleasant fabric collage.

See the runway images.

Photos & text Copyright Magnus Lõppe.

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Magnus Lõppe: An Intro + Men's Fashion