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Cy Choi 2016 Spring/Summer Collection “1 1 Root 2”


Everything loses its unclosed possibility by being named, although it is a long-held belief.

The possibility finally comes out when we accept the relativity of its value and perception.

In other words, the truth is so subjective and relative that it is differentiated by the criterion defining it.

This might be a skeptical response that doubts universal truths. However, it clears and makes the possibility being covered with an absolute truth come into view.

About Cy Choi

Cy Choi is designed by Korean designer Chul-Yong Choi, who, born in 1972, Chul-Yong Choi studied Fashion Design at the Hongik University of Seoul.

Chul-Yong Choi went on to study at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy, where he resides today. He launched Cy Choi in Paris, in 2009.

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Photos & text Copyright Cy Choi.

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