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Two Thirds: An Intro

A brand with more than devotion to the Ocean

Two thirds menswear brand was established in San Sebastian, heart of the infamous and beautiful Basque Country.

Its founders, all keen surfers with sartorial edges to their aesthetics, felt there was both a necessity and a gap in the current saturated ‘street wear’ market to formulate a brand with the waves, as opposed to paving stones and tarmac at its heart ... a surf-inspired label that would set them apart from rest.

Transcending the boundaries of street and sports apparel, twothirds is fast becoming a credible and desirable lifestyle brand across Europe.

Key to its success and ability to transcend the aforementioned boundaries is its philosophy: always be free—free from the urge to “ride on the back of the waves of passing trends” is something that is seeing the brand do well.

Its ethos of purity and sustainability—purity in design, high quality sustainable fabrics, alongside a committed connection to the ocean—are seeing twothirds crash on the shores of more territories on a monthly basis.

The name twothirds comes from the notion that two-thirds of our planet is covered by ocean.

Twothirds aim is to address those who are awake and aware of the immense value of the ocean, as well as having a thirst for style and substance. More than just another green brand, they are a blue brand—twothirds is ‘the’ blue company.

It is for the love of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a puristic approach to surfing and the lifestyle beyond the beach that set the parameters for the concepts that inspired this first Fall/Winter 2016 Collection.

Within the range can be found hues that reflect the passion for a lifetime spent in close proximity to the water and the sun with welcome nuances of turquoise’ and navy fade to grey’, while pinks and sun drenched yellows sit parallel to compliment.

Knitwear is oxymoronic, soft to the touch with a rugged aesthetic that pays homage to a sailing tradition with rope and drawstrings and deck wood toggles making a cameo where necessary.

Trousers are chino based in tapered silhouettes, again in lux fabrics that alongside technical outerwear pieces and beanies, complete the outfit of the urban Steve Zissou/Jacques Cousteau.

There are also accessories made entirely from recycled fishing nets that again define an unconditional love for the ocean and sustainability.

Become an eccentric yet stylish Oceanographer and feel good while doing it—sustainable and stylish—twothirds.

See the collection.

Photos Copyright twothirds.

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Two Thirds: An Intro + Twothirds