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Silas Clothing 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection

Silas + Maria Make a Welcome Return to the UK

Silas are glad to be launching back in the UK with direct acknowledgement of both the brands previous aesthetic and successful tenure in the UK, when it found comfort and cult status immersing itself in sub cultures that enabled their ability to swerve the mainstream and masses via attachment to skateboarding and avant-garde music genres.

Since leaving the shores of the UK and relocating to Japan, the manufacturing and depth of the brand has become more extensive and an element of the ‘post skateboarding’ look and feel has been replaced with more maturity for AW11 in the overall garmentry - patterns - hues - fabrics - differing cuts to suit and complement form with greater substance are visibly apparent, making this a lifestyle collection to facilitate the wardrobe of the forward thinking fashion conscious male in colder weather conditions - denim is top tier - chino fabric is luxury and the shirting advocates cut and sew with outerwear doing what it should - protecting you from the elements ... with style.

Collaborations with eminent Japanese and English iconic brands are present in AW11 to give the aforementioned depth to the brand offering - To celebrate 25 years of Slam City Skates Silas collaborated on a micro collection of tee / beanie / wallet to again pay homage to whence it came. Japans Key worked with Silas on a dead-stock military tent fabric to create a hold-all and military cargo pants - rugged yet sartorial.

Silas are also proud to announce their new retail direction with a standalone store ‘formally’ opening in September in Islington - the space will be the hub of the brand, the customer will be privy to ltd editions and special collaborative pieces found only at the flagship store alongside art exhibitions and live performances – again emancipating hidden talent and manifesting destinies is high on the agenda – choosing to shirk the bright lights of the current EC1 / E2 retail boom Silas want to stay on the periphery where they find solitude and the ability to look from the outside in, purveying a Machiavellian sensibility to their NEW UK direction.

Also for AW11 the traditional ‘look-book’ etiquette has ultimately been foregone to disperse with any over formalities, and a provision of ‘what it is to be Silas’ has been delivered with aplomb, a more relaxed photo-shoot was curated by a true acclaimed master of the craft, the eminent portraiture and street style snapper Shaniqwa Jarvis was entrusted with the reigns to deliver a fresh yet familiar aesthetic that is and in keeping with the Silas ‘relaxed’ ethos.

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Photos Copyright Shaniqwa Jarvis; text, Silas Clothing.

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Silas Clothing 2016 Autumn/Winter Collection + UK fashion designers