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April 77 & Herman Dune

April77 team up with Herman Dune to bring you a limited edition capsule collection.

The collaboration includes revisited DAD chino pants and a t-shirt designed by David “Yaya” Herman Dune.

The DAD chinos have been revisited by Herman Dune in two colors: Sun (Safari) and Burst (brick red).

David-Ivar “Yaya” Herman Dune, singer and guitar player in the band designs all of Herman Dune’s artworks, designed all illustrations, from the labels to the packaging

The design for the April77 x Herman Dune t-shirt is by David-Ivar “Yaya” Herman Dune; it was manufactured using Old Timey equipment and was then washed and flock-printed.

See the collection.

Photos & text Copyright April 77, Courtesy Tommy Huber PR.

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April 77 & Herman Dune + Men's Fashion