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A Kind of Guise Autumn/Winter 2016

Handmade leather backpacks, heavy winter coats lined with soft lamb-skin and thick flannel pants are just a few things of A Kind of Guise’s autumn/winter 2016 collection.

Smooth, natural colors like “stone grey,” brown, or green are the quintessential aspects that make this collection.

About A Kind of Guise
A Kind of Guise was born by a common interest in creating. The [design team] met in Munich, in the summer of 2009 working on various creative projects.

For their first collection they bought vintage leather from an old medicine ball factory and designed a limited collection of bags.

Most of their pieces are strictly limited or even unique and are unexceptional hand-made.

Currently A Kind of Guise produces in Germany and Portugal; but they are working on a focus, on Germany only.

See the collection.

Photos & text Copyright A Kind of Guise, Courtesy Agency V.

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A Kind of Guise Autumn/Winter 2016 + Men's Fashion