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Vilebrequin: 40 Ans à St. Tropez

For 40 Years, the Saint-Tropez brand has been offering—in summer time as well as winter—a wide choice of prints for its swim wears line, cut to perfection.

For its fortieth anniversary, Vilebrequin has designed a patchwork fabric reflecting the richness of its prints and its beloved themes. Colored with pastels shades, the salamanders meet the pelicans and the kangaroos, the fruits and the flowers are side by side, the turtle—symbol of the Brand—and the original logo created in the seventies, come to seal and sign this patchwork.

In this particular item, you can find the codes of the very first swim trunks: Moorea cut, vintage zamac tips, and ecru cord made of 100 % cotton.

Contrary to traditional bathing suits, this style is printed using the inkjet photography technique in order to reproduce the richness of the colors.

2011 Summer/Autumn Collection “In the style of…”
This season Vilebrequin enters into a creative dialogue with the contemporary artists who have shaped the 20th century.

Henri Matisse and his cutout techniques, Andy Warhol and his Pop Art,
Sonia Delaunay and her love of colors…so many creations able to inspire Vilebrequin to produce a collection that sounds like a tribute to the history of art.

Roy Lichtenstein’s favored comic strip style, the Klein blue, Joan Miro’s poetic shapes, the exotic, highly-stylized paintings of Henri Rousseau and even Jackson Pollock’s splashes of water paint also feature in this entertaining and cultural journey.

Each swimsuit becomes a master’s canvass, an original piece from a unique world, fuelled by the identity of each of these artists and inspired by their personalities.

Vilebrequin’s icons, the tortoise, fruits and flowers have been reinterpreted using techniques specific to each artist.

Vilebrequin has designed a timeless collection, both creative and inventive, with art collectors and sun lovers in mind...

Have a look at this high summer collection.

Photos & text Copyright Vilebrequin.

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Vilebrequin: 40 Ans à St. Tropez + Vilebrequin