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Stolen Girlfiends Club “Untitled”

Founded in New Zealand by surfers Dan Gosling, Marc Moore and Luke Harwood, Stolen Girlfriends Club is a ‘luxe’ sportswear specialist with a serious cult following, combining a youthful rebellious spirit, a healthy sense of humor and the ability to make things matter.
Originally established as an art project in 2005, installations, exhibitions, parties, films and collaborations are still very much a part of the label's fashion philosophy, creating a culture around the brand that is also reflected in the wearability of the clothes.
Winter 2016 sees Stolen Girlfriends Club brush off their shoes, straighten up their ties, put a comb through an unruly coif and stand up straight. Proving they’ve got a little bit of polish, you would be forgiven for thinking the boys have grown up little, but not too much.
The Stolen Boys are outwardly more refined in both appearance and behavior; less grunge on the surface but still plenty of bite beneath it.
Leather with biker style articulations are pieced back in with denim in jackets and jeans, and color splashes are delivered by an in house digital print—the first for Stolen Girlfriends Club. The signature print mirrors an image of a waterfall to infinite reflection in muted grayscale or bursts into brilliant orange and peace poppy red, picking up the corals, purple, and dove greys that run through the collection.
Whether inspired by punk romanticism, peace and love, or nomads and gypsies, each Stolen Girlfriends Club collection has the base of rock and roll delinquency that is so beloved of a growing customer base of influential fashion leaders….
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Stolen Girlfiends Club “Untitled” + Stolen Girlfriends Club