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New Zealand Fashion Festival—Auckland’s Finest

Just one year old, New Zealand Fashion Festival just concluded one week of runway shows, new trends, and a grand finale garage sale in Auckland, New Zealand.
Fashion-forward magazine, Remix, joined hands with city guide in Big little City Fashion Friday, in which menswear designers Huffer, Zambesi Man, Barkers participated in Collection 4.
Huffer was launched in 1997 by Steve Dunstan and Dan Buckley, who draw inspiration from board sports and—more recently—the era of exploration and adventure as they gaze into the digital world where the only constant is change.
Launched by Elisabeth and Neville Findlay in 1979, Zambesi Men’s takes its influence from campus life and youth in an array of sporty jackets, sweatshirt, track pants, and tees with team motifs.
Launched in 1972 by Raymond Barker, Barkers revivify the image of Steve McQueen, John F. Kennedy and the Who of the 60’s , drawing heavily from the US college look.
New Zealand Fashion Festival is promoted by Porter Novelli.
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Photos Courtesy Porter Novelli.

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New Zealand Fashion Festival—Auckland’s Finest + Zambesi