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Doosh Autunm/Winter 2016 “Hit the Street”

Forget what you may have been told: some of the best urban wear trends emerge organically from the very place they are destined to be worn on—the street.
The true pioneers of fashion create their own style by wearing clothes in new ways, customizing and accessorizing them in a way that others want to emulate.
Street style blogs have taken this process global - quickly becoming an inspiration for trendsetters taking it to the pavement.
Doosh (rhymes with whoosh) has made edgy streetwear in New Zealand for the past 15 years by creating clothing that not only captures street style, but the street as well.
Make it gritty, make it punk, make it bold, make it sexy, make it rock’ n’ roll, make it military—make it your own before you Hit the Street.
Have a look at the collection.
Photos & text Copyright Doosh.

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Doosh Autunm/Winter 2016 “Hit the Street” + Theresa Brady