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L.G.R RAW Limited Edition

The Raw limited edition is the combination of a rough, unpolished frame with a sophisticated polarized lens, developed exclusively for L.G.R.

The visual contrast can be seen through the combination of the dark opaque frames and deep blue mirrored lenses.
Offering the latest techniques in mineral glass production, this collection makes for a unique eyewear experience.
The collection consists of 4 models, presented all together in an elegant black leather case. Each style is limited to 100 pieces.

The distinctive element of this limited edition is the “L.G.R Pola.Neophan” lenses, which were specifically developed for L.G.R.
Neophan lenses were invented in the 1940’s for fighter pilots, in order to increase the vision’s perception of color and the contrast of image (color enhancement).

This is possible through the chemical element neodymium, which is added to the fusion of glass.
It allows light transmission to be selectively filtered, therefore enhancing certain colors and contrast.
Check out the models.
Photos & text Copyright L.G.R.

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L.G.R RAW Limited Edition + sunglasses