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ANNTIAN Autumn/Winter 2016 “Crystal Inside”

“Crystal Inside” carries away from cold, icy winter days outside with crystal clear air and gives in the longing for coziness and comfort -for being inside.

The Interior of one’s home is in focus now—there are all these things that make you feel at home and comfortable that allows you to contemplate.

Objects you’ve come across over the years and that happened to be beloved ones. Things of no real value, just full of “meaning”, thoughts and memories of your own... Pillows, books, rugs and blankets, plants, stoles, tea & pastries...

On this basis graphic elements of the collection are inspired by ornaments, patterns of rugs, crystals, geometric arrangements to be found in “still lifes”.

Colors are earthy, brown tones, black and white, plus strong highlights like red and pale neon green, accompanied by a fresh pale blue.

Patterns are based on the approach of “involving” blankets and scarves in garments and silhouettes - patterns developed out of “wrapped” blankets.

The composition: series of wool coats, jackets and trousers…some printed jerseys, and an ensemble of knit, being important in the line.

Alongside the clothing line the collection includes pillows, blankets, rugs, printed porcelain dishes & tea sets, plus the crystal-porcelain jewelry line and the winter boot.

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Photos & text Copyright ANNTIAN.

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ANNTIAN Autumn/Winter 2016 “Crystal Inside” + Men's Fashion