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Burkman Brothers & Illustrated Prints by Michael Sanderson

For spring 2016, designers Doug and Ben Burkman fuse their distinctly utilitarian take on classic American menswear and a well-traveled point of view.

Referencing the duality of the relaxed mood of lounging at the beach and the traditional dress and style of fishermen in Sri Lanka, Burkman Bros continue to craft casual, but tailored menswear for comfort and ease.

The collection is now available at Barneys CO-OP nationwide and Barneys CO-OP online as well as Odin New York, Bergdorf Goodman's, Bloomingdales, and Ron Herman Melrose.

To commemorate the collection, Doug and Ben collaborated with artist Michael Sanderson on an exclusive range of illustrated prints inspired by the collection.

There are more fun illustrations.

Photos Copyright Michael Sanderson, Courtesy Maguire Steele.

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Burkman Brothers & Illustrated Prints by Michael Sanderson + US fashion designers