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At the Beach in Sri Lankan with the Burkman Brothers

The spring 2016 Burkman Bros collection from designers Doug and Ben Burkman references the duality of the relaxed mood of lounging at the beach and the traditional dress and style of fishermen in Sri Lanka.

The lush beach landscapes in Sri Lanka are not only a tropical destination but also serve as a hub for a thriving fishing trade.

Fusing their distinctly utilitarian take on classic American menswear and their well-traveled point of view, for spring 2016 Burkman Bros continue to craft casual, but tailored menswear for comfort and ease.

From the laid-back villagers perched atop wooden stilts far out into the surf around Galle to the busy fisherman manning the stalls of the seafood markets in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s coasts teem with culture.

The lines and colors of the nets, ropes, bamboo poles, baskets, and the style of open shirts on the fisherman were points of reference when creating the collection.

The vibrant patterns on the Lungi, a traditional sarong-style garment worn by Sri Lankans, influenced the usage of color and prints on the cotton shorts. Handmade shirting in madras and linen chambray add to this relaxed attitude.

Integrating engineered placement yarn dyes and textured dobby fabrics, the collection’s textural component demonstrates the technical complexity of Burkman Bros designs.

Befitting men of the sea, the collection also features bespoke patterns and prints in the shirting and lightweight slub jersey polo shirts and tanks.

Partnering with Miansai on a range of bracelets, which bear an ethnic touch, complements the collection as a whole.

Blending an Eastern influence with masculine American sportswear, the collection is meant to be worn and provide a sense of ease.

For spring 2016, that intersection is the classic Burkman Bros representation of their love of travel and crafting the essentials of a man’s wardrobe.

Check out the collection.

Photos & text Copyright Burkman Bros, Courtesy Maguire Steele.

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At the Beach in Sri Lankan with the Burkman Brothers + US fashion designers