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Kris Van Assche & Eastpak

Moving towards a new silhouette where the suit, symbol of maturity, makes the codes of cool its own.

A fusion between raw elegance and more sophisticated pieces.

The tailored sweat-shirt reigns supreme, revisited, cut in woolen sheets, knitwear is refined.

Excessive volume on top with oversized sleeves.

Legs are straight and loose.

The palette is dark, down to the essentials.

A few shafts of natural color on a thin belt or on the welt of a shoe create a crossroads where street meets luxury.

A finale of caramel marbled wool highlighting the importance of details and the work accomplished on raw edges and volume.

Created in association with Eastpak, the bags are the perfect blend between pragmatism, structure and elegance.

See the entire collection at Paris Fashion Week.

Photo autumn/winter 2016 collection, Copyright Kris Van Assche.

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