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Formalwear? Never fear, Manzetti is here!

Mention formalwear and some guys begin to tremble. Mention a tux—and oftentimes you get male fear factor!

But formalwear and tuxedos are the epitome of male elegance, and Manzetti takes the shudder out of both!

Whether with bow tie or straight tie, cummerbund or suspenders—there are few other ways to impress the crowds than with a formal tux-like suit or full-fledged tuxedo!

For spring/summer 2016, Manzetti has just launched a chic line of formal menswear that will guarantee you look your stunning best, no matter what the formal occasion.

Have a look at the entire collection.

Photos Copyright Manzetti.

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Formalwear? Never fear, Manzetti is here! + Turkish fashion designers