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Color Blocking: Easier Than You Thought

One of the more recent trends this summer is what many call “color blocking.” But just what is it?

Although not a new trend, color blocking is the practice of placing several blocks of color next to one another to make up an entire outfit.

For example, you may have seen a solid color shirt with one sleeve blocked out by a different color.

Color blocking is fun and can have great benefits when done properly, such as creating a slim effect or detracting from a undesirable physical trait.

Color blocking, however, is far from easy—the only easy part about it is going wrong, because typically color blocking is best perfected by pairing radically opposing colors.

So, the first safeguard is to look for a garment that already has the color blocks within them. You can always pair the color blocks of this garment with another solid color piece.

Secondly, try to limit the amount of colors that you want to block to no more than three, even if you are dealing in simple tones like black, white and tan.

Thirdly, when in doubt ask a fashion consultant. (I am always available to offer advice.)

For some of you bolder guys, try color blocking a portion of your hair to tie it in with the entire look!

So, get out there this summer and rock the blocks!

Photo Copyright Christian Pellizari.

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Color Blocking: Easier Than You Thought + Men's Fashion