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Are We Ready for Male Flappers?

Currently there are many retro trends on the market! For the past several seasons, suits have assumed a 1950-to-early-60’s look with slim ties and narrow lapels.

Meanwhile, casual wear is has been slowly adopting the 1970’s look with bold prints that even clash! (I wonder if elephant bell pants and platforms will catch on once again?!) Obviously, retro has gone mixto!

In terms of women’s wear, trends have been racing to the 1940’s and—more recently—roaring back to the Twenties with the image of the flapper!

So, what is there a version of the male flapper and we can expect it to appear on the runways?

Actually the equivalent of the male flapper would probably be the Jazz Suit, which morphed into the Zoot Suit in the 1930’s.

Jazz suit jackets were typically a frock with five buttons that was tightened at the waist. High waist trousers with a fly button were always high water in length.

As for shoes, the Roaring guys sported Oxfords or Brogues, while they topped off the look with a fedora!

Guys, I think we are almost there! You had better go get yourself a flapper!

Photo Public Domain.

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Are We Ready for Male Flappers? + Men's Fashion