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Interview with Nigel Cabourn

Last year we were invited to New Castle by Nigel Cabourn. He wanted to share a sneak preview with us of his 2016 spring/summer collection. He told us about his search for old designs, materials and fabrics.

He shared some of his most bizarre finds with us and told us about his quest to put these finds in a contemporary, Nigel Cabourn perspective. This search for a perspective led him to this season's theme: The Submarine. This is how Nigel created a naval season with a true Cabourn touch.

We were honored to get such an outstanding introduction to the collection.

In Tenue de Nîmes’ opinion, this short interview shines an extra light on the extraordinary spring/summer 2016 collection by Nigel Cabourn.

See the collection.

Nigel Cabourn - Spring Summer '11 collection from Tenue de Nîmes on Vimeo.

Photo & text Copyright Tenue des Nîmes, Journal des Nîmes.

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