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Royal Hem Commissions Animator Josep Prat Sorolla

Royal Hem and Josep Prat present JABITO- Fall-Winter 2016/2012 from Josep Prat on Vimeo.

Royal Hem the informal luxury menswear brand will unveil its latest project at the forthcoming Pitti Imagine/Pitti Uomo fashion Fair in January 2016 along with its new Fall Winter 2016/12 collection.

Taking its inspiration from today's preppy dandy iconic man, the two minute black and white animation will show a young dandy getting dressed up in Royal Hem and preening himself for the outside world. The film is inspired by the brands role model stylish and selective man and also by the brand's ReCrafted part of the collection which features especially treated materials and excellent finishings.

Bio of the Artist

Josep Prat Sorolla was born in Barcelona in 1988. After a degree in Audiovisual Communication at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona , he began working as an illustrator, graphic designer and videographer mainly for advertising, fashion and print. Heavily influenced by contemporary visual culture, he seeks to include in his works all that surrounds him and fascinates him.

The search for the color, the 80‘s, the retro feel, geometry, cosmic forms, abstract and organic, psychedelic culture and philosophy are just some of the tags to describe the work of this young artist.

The practical yet versatile style that characterizes all his creations is developed through the use of different techniques: the use of digital technology to achieve a hand combined with the use of different materials and media to create unique works ranging from drawings hand to those in digital photography to rotoscope animation, movies and motion graphics.

He sees his career as an animator as a window open to experimentation. Each project is an opportunity to focus on specific aspects of his specialization and an opportunity to extract new knowledge.

Photo & text Copyright Royal Hem, Courtesy Beverley Luckings.

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Royal Hem Commissions Animator Josep Prat Sorolla + Royal Hem