Warola Fashion + Yui Hashimoto

Ethosens Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection “Dear Mistake”

It is an antithesis to the completed styles that are assumed to be the correct answer of the world.

Because the human is not a computer, he or she sometimes gets attracted to a sense of discomfort born from an M I S T A K E.

This is the collection focused on the “M I S T A K E.”

Expressed styles born from the M I S T A K E while doubting the intellection of the answer.

Brand Concept

“ETHOS” has the meaning Habit, and “SENS” has the meaning Sense.

ETHOSENS was born by fusing these two words.

ETHOSENS thinks that there is new discovery by paying more attention to all senses to be born from habit.

The brand aims at the innovative expression that can become the standard in the future wants to pursue the essential creation that can bring a new sense of values in the world.

Designer Biography

Yui Hashimto graduated from Esmod Tokyo in 2000.

Afterwards, Yui worked as an assistant in YAB-YUM and LOLO of the fashion brand.

Yui started ETHOS in 2003.

See the collection.

Photos & text Copyright Ethosens.

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