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El Naturalista Spring/Summer 2016

As the name implies, environmental concern and social responsibility lie at the heart of the El Naturalista brand.

Founded 2001 in La Rioja, Spain, the El Naturalista team began travelling throughout the world seeking indigenous communities that want to learn and teach their ways.

El Naturalista adheres to a very stringent code of conduct, which is aimed at protecting the environment, workers, and consumers.

Sold in numerous countries under the logo of a frog, El Naturalista has prepared several lines for spring/summer 2016, including Arrecife, Iroko, Recyclus El, Trillo, and the unisex line—El Viajero.

While materials are natural and organic, the look is rugged and trendy. What’s more, you can purchase them online!

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El Naturalista Spring/Summer 2016 + Spanish fashion designers