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Ana Locking Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection “Stance”

I once read an anonymous tip that was as simple as it was efficient and crucial: “Do what you should and do not worry about the reactions, whether good or bad. If the work is worthy, eventually it will succeed in one way or another. In the meanwhile, keep working.... “

My work is like stepping into a dangerous space, a strange and enigmatic tunnel without end that never comes to complete satisfaction; sometimes this creates great annoyances.

“STANCE” seeks to take a stand, the right to oneself in the multitude of voices, lives, and circumstances, which are each of us.

In a creative process, one is concerned with structure, posture, and selection. This is the constant concern in a world so visual and absolutely definite that sometimes it becomes unconscionable.

“Self-identity,” I've always liked to challenge this topic and wonder what would happen if one did not have it?

It is not about not wanting to have it, but the fact that each of us is full of different identities
and, as a result, together confer a distinctive voice, position, definition, and character— in short, an identity.

My interest in my work is located mostly in my position beyond my identity. The visual identity is nothing without the support of feeling and thought.

This collection is marked by an attraction to the structure and elegance of charged garments characterized by sharp contrasts, not only in the mixed color of unstructured patterns but also in the combination of antagonistic elements, such as long and short, pleated and without pleats, light and dark, or sober and excessive.

Have a look at the collection.

Photos & text Copyright Ana Locking.

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