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JJ Mercer Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

Ladies and gentlemen, meet John-jack Mercer a.k.a. JJ Mercer, your new favorite sartorial time traveling nomad.

JJ Mercer is a meticulously created collection of the highest grade garment production, infused with the timeless classic romanticism that “is Americana.”

More literal than Kerouac, tougher than Cassius whilst also outstripping the “beau” in Brad, with that carefree nonchalance that is only becoming of the man that is John-Jack Mercer.

John-Jack’s wardrobe consists of:

• The ever elegant preppy styling that is East coast collegiate
• Military musing encapsulated by the Vietnam War era.
• The carefree surf hopping, beachcombing chic of the West coast and Hawaii.
• The discerning irreverent styling of the beat-poet.

“Maybe that’s what life is…a wink of the eye and winking starts.” -Jack Kerouac

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Photos & text Copyright JJ Mercer, Courtesy Sane Communications.

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JJ Mercer Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection + UK fashion designers