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Matíníque Summer 2016 “Cruising in Style”

An adventurous and laid-back road trip down Highway 1 on the Pacific Coast of California sets the scene for the 2016 Matíníque Summer collection. A collection of relaxed pieces mixed with dressed up items perfect for every occasion.

T-shirts with summer prints displaying waving palms, breaking waves, old American cars and dusty Polaroids of Sunset Boulevard illustrate the travel theme. Combined with a string of plain polos in understated colors, Matíníque offers a look for days both formal and casual.

Summer calls for shorts. Cargo shorts give an effortless feel on a hot day, ditto the checkered shorts, which come in different patterns. The check pattern is also used for fitted short-sleeved shirts, and if styled with a pair of shorts and one of the many casual blazers of the season, the look can be cool, comfortable and just right for a cruise down the breathtaking coast.

The suits of the season come in a light fabric for warm summer days. Use the entire piece for an elegant dressed up dinner, and give it an edge with a knitted big striped tie. Or make the jacket a single stand-out piece by assembling it with a pair of folded up jeans with a relaxed fit for a more casual look.

Blue and red comprise the color palette's foundation, but are shaken up with splashes of bright orange, yellow, green and purple. The color blend creates the unique Matíníque look just like the many careful details of the styles beam with personality. A striped lining brings coolness to a blazer jacket, metal buttons gives an edge to a V-neck sweater and differently colored buttonholes makes a shirt stand out.

The summer collection makes it simple to relax in style and to dress up in an uncomplicated way. An essential way of dressing for the modern man enjoying life to the fullest.

Based in Denmark, Matíníque was founded in 1973 by Niels Martinsen.

Photo & text Copyright Matíníque.

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