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Twenty (2) Too Spring/Summer 2016

Twenty (2) Too is the brainchild of Romanian designer, Mihai Dan Zarug, who is a graduate of École Supérieure de Gestion PGSM in Paris.

Mihai’s concept behind fashion is both jovial yet serious.

Mihai parallels a man’s search for clothing to a search for a lifetime partner.

The garment should be rare—unique collector’s pieces—that accompany him on his life journey.

Consequently the items are “evolutive”; that is, they follow the man’s transformation throughout as he progresses through the different stages.

Interestingly the past 2016 autumn/winter collection began at childhood (see pictures 1-3).

As a travel diary, each season corresponds to a progressive stage of life.

Twenty (2) Too collections drawl their inspiration from both urban jungles and Romanian peasant life.

The collections are ironic in that they combine street wear with traditional tailoring.

See the collection.

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