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Vintage Grapes Clothier Spring/Summer 2016

“For the true gentleman who enjoys the fruits of his labor.”

Our Identity

Founded in 2009, Vintage Grapes Clothier is a premier men’s luxury garment brand based out of Fairfield, Connecticut. Our business office and private showing room are located at our Fairfield location.

Situation Analysis

The plush “vineyard lifestyle”, is a lifestyle that few people gain the privilege of partaking in. It is a lifestyle lived typically only by the affluent. It is a lifestyle that has long reflected sophistication, great taste, status, and success and due to these facts, has also long been a place where true gentlemen take refuge to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Vintage Grapes Clothier aims to offer the “vineyard lifestyle” to the broader public.

Mission Statement

Embodying the pure elegance of the vineyard lifestyle, Vintage Grapes Clothier is a premier "luxury garment brand". We stand for providing quality products, offering an extension of the “vineyard lifestyle”, and inviting true gentleman to share-in "The Vintage Grapes Clothier Experience (“vineyard lifestyle”)".


Vintage Grapes LLC strongly believes in the principle “… For to whom much is given, of him shall much be required” [Luke 12:48]. Therefore, Vintage Grapes LLC is committed to organizing efforts to aid and promote global human welfare and educational enrichment.

Who Wears VGC?

A Vintage Grapes Clothier Gentleman is a well dress, well groomed gentleman who knows what he wants out of life and furthermore knows exactly how to obtain his desires. On any given day he could be spotted socializing on the classic castle-country of France’s scenic Loire Valley or sharing a bottle of Bordeaux, a 1787 Chateau Lafite, after closing a multimillion dollar business deal.
In addition to light cashmere sweaters, the Vintage Grapes Clothier autumn/winter 2016 collection, entitled “Acquired Taste”, features oxford cotton dress shirts, hand-sewn silk neckties, hand-knit cashmere caps, and luxury knit scarves.
This collection was inspired by the sophisticated process of accessing wine color and appearance, and the breathtaking aesthetics of the elite French vineyards.

Spring/Summer 2016

Exhibiting a refine grace and dignified property, Vintage Grapes Clothier’s spring/summer 2016 collection is inspired by the unmatched elegance present in the "vineyard lifestyle".
Entitled “Return of the Elegant”, this collection features VGC’s polished woven dress shirts, signature handcrafted neckwear, and classic double pleaded bottoms.
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Vintage Grapes Clothier Spring/Summer 2016 + Vintage Grapes