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The World’s Best Socks You’ve Never Heard of

Charleston, SC (June 2, 2016) – After three years of being in business, Oberon Socks is pleased to announce that they still remain the world’s best socks that few people have ever heard of.

The secret to their anonymity is as Mike Panic stated on the blog Randomn3ss, "They make really high quality products, have an amazing customer support system, and really strive to make their customers happy”.

Oberon Socks founder, Chris Clark, points out with excitement “We have literally sold dozens of socks over the years...I created Oberon Socks to be an antidote to the dull corporate wardrobe epidemic, and we are extremely pleased that people are standing up to conformity one foot at a time”.

When Rob Lowe from the hit TV series Parks and Recreation was asked if Oberon Socks were “literally” the best he’s ever seen, he was non-responsive. However, we’re quite certain he would have said yes.

Oberon Socks feature a hand linked toe—a distinctive feature found only in the highest quality socks.

Ordinary socks have an uncomfortable seam closing the sock's toe. The hand linking process eliminates that seam by aligning the loops of the material at the toe and closing the sock with a single stitch for the ultimate in comfort and fit.

About Oberon Socks
Oberon continues to reinvent modern luxury and set the bar for contemporary workwear. The Charleston, South Carolina based company has attracted a loyal band of followers spanning the East and West Coasts and has been written up in numerous magazines, blogs, and trade publications.

See the socks.

Photos & text Copyright Oberon.

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