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Serum versus Venom: Combating Designer Waste

Serum Versus Venom (SVSV) was created in 2003 as a long-term study into the collision of craft and utility, focused on creating a new luxury.

As we pursue the creation and craft of original garments, we inevitably produce waste materials.

In an effort to reduce this waste, we developed a modular system of patterns based around a single standard crew. The modular system (15 Variations) allows for almost 100% yield of the selected fabrics, reducing all but the most superficial waste.

The system demands that each garment be cut individually with no two designs ever coming out the same. Individuality and exclusivity, achieved through process, not marketing, is a tenet of a New Luxury.

Clothing and objects represent only one part of the SVSV brand offering. We understand that our audience will ultimately consume more images of our brand than our products.

With that in mind, we treat the associated artwork as an important element, holding as much weight, if not more, in the modern digital age.

Our current exploration is the next step in our pursuit of traditional craft colliding with modernity. It is our personal resistance against an almost completely digital world.

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