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“Reverie” by D’Marsh

Bold, Eclectic & Presumptuous Men’s Resort-wear Fashions for 2016

The secret’s out! D’Marsh Couture plans to astonish once again, but this time with the quintessential launch of his first menswear collection: Reverie.

D’Marsh Couture continues to reach new benchmarks in fashion. He equally pays attention to what the consumer wants and needs.

“For this season I’ve introduced my first menswear collection titled Reverie. It’s a bold and colorful selection of resort-wear looks for men with an endogenous flare for style.”

The Reverie line is inspired by timeless pieces that last forever. In a trendy, detailed and efficient way this collection will enable today’s man to take casual to sophistication or vintage to a chic level.

Reverie captures the essence of a modern day man, with a breath of grace and a hint of gaga.

The designer, Glenroy March, creates an eclectic showcase of modern style and vintage design by using an array of colors and a mixture of fabrics.

His unique fashion touch contributes a range from casual to formal wear for both men and women.

See the collection.

Photos & text Copyright D’Marsh.

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