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The Wolverine 721 Ltd Boot

The 721 LTD boots manufactured by Wolverine in Rockford, Michigan. The limited-edition shoe is the latest in the Wolverine 1,000 Mile Collection, a line of heritage boots being released by the 125-year-old company.

The name of the line is a nod to its first national ad campaign, which said the shoes would give 1,000 miles of wear; 721 is the boot’s original reference number.

Each pair of these classic lace-up ankle boots is made from shell cordovan leather made by Horween, is hand-numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Wolverine recently launched its marquee boot under the 1000 Miles collection, the 721 LTD boot.

Defined by full Horween 8-shell cordovan leather upper, careful consideration resulted in an unlined shell around the ankle and instep.

As with all cordovan leathers, you can expect some great wear out of the shoes. Only 1,000 pairs were created and come complete with a certificate of authenticity and Basswood shoetrees.

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The Wolverine 721 Ltd Boot + Wolverine