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"The Relaxed Chic Elegance“ of Christian Pellizari

Christian Pellizari’s spring/summer 2016 collection is the result of an extensive search for the perfect fabric to represent the cutting edge design of his 24 hour wardrobe for a contemporary man.

The inspiration for this collection began visiting three of the most challenging cities in Europe in very short period of time: Istanbul – Venice – Paris.

We like to describe this collection as we took the bright outstanding colours from Istanbul,combined with the elegance of Venice and the refined chic of Paris.

Cloudy greys and deep blues combine to produce a stunning mix of slightly pale undiluted colours with some accent of ocra.

From unlined sports coats to modern suits, CHRISTIAN PELLIZZARI's design reflect classic form in a new relaxed chic elegance.

Canvas parkas, leather and suede jackets, avant garde shirts, tailored pants, day and evening suit are what this collection is all about.

Beach towel, scarves and t-shirts are all printed with the design from Saint Marco's square floor in Venice.

Colored leather sandals,belts, and city/beach back pack complete the total look of the Christian Pellizari Man for Summer 2016.

See the collection.

Photo Copyright Christian Pellizari.

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