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Patryk Szajan Sudzik, Finding the Right Source of Inspiration

Designers typically find their source of inspiration in things, places, people, or events, starting with one concept and ending with another.

This could not be more true this with Patryk Szajan Sudzik, who embarked on his 2016 autumn/winter collection in an attempt to assist a model in finding a suitable promotional agency.

First, the Polish designer drew on loose styling techniques to develop the image as he turned his attention to the brightness of colors found in the world of flowers.

“Flowers and sharp colors for men are controversial with Polish men,” Patryk wrote to me when I asked him about the collection.

Patryk’s search for inspiration did not cease here but rather proceeded to develop as he pursued the inherent beauty of the model himself to unleash the perfect dandy within him.

Have a look at the result of his inspiration.

Photos Copyright Patryk Szajan Sudzik.