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Vilebrequin’s Promise for the Future…

Protecting Our Environment, One Turtle at a Time

To celebrate its 40th anniversary and demonstrate its commitment to environmental protection, Vilebrequin, the renowned French swimwear company, will help a historic restoration project of our marine ecosystem which represents approximately 73 percent of the planet.

To highlight this commitment to nature, Vilebrequin has teamed up with Fabien Cousteau, grandson of renowned oceanographer Jacques Cousteau and founder of the Plant A Fish Foundation.

With financial support from Vilebrequin, the Plant A Fish Foundation will work to reintroduce certain endangered species to the environment, specifically sea turtles, the symbol of the brand, that are essential to the balance of the aquatic ecosystem.

As such, the program will focus primarily on the Hawksbill turtle, one of the most threatened species.
It is one of Vilebrequin’s missions to see this species survive.

Photo & text Copyright Vilebrequin.

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Vilebrequin’s Promise for the Future… + Vilebrequin