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Twenty(2)too Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

[Un après-midi, l’été]

The starting point for Spring Summer 2016 collection was Serge Gainsbourg’s “Melody”. The image of a decadent deauvillois summer, him driving his Rolls at midnight and picking up girls
wearing skirts over white pants was so powerful that I felt I had to try and relive somehow that dream.

The idea of a journey seemed only natural when put together with my obsession with emotional evolution and the search for a personal truth. So I imagined the awakening of an average Joe, who suddenly begins to realize that maybe things are not quite as he was convinced they were in the context of a crazy, free, creative summer in the 70’s.

Ambivalence, a melancholic mood, a bit of rock ’n’ roll, the desire to fly and the fear of the fall, the cross we’re all cursed to bear, and the search to find some peace of mind. All of these translate into apparently simple, light volumes defying the gender boundaries, beautiful navy inspired colors and some powerful looks going against the trends.

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Twenty(2)too Spring/Summer 2016 Collection + Twenty (2) Too