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Style Trends: These Boots are made for Walkin’…

We’ve all heard the song… Well…most of us… Okay, most of us from my generation!

Whether you have heard the song or not, this autumn/winter season is all about boots—cool boots—and letting them hang out for walkin’!

Similar to the women’s silhouette, this season can be summed up as volume over skinny. “What does that mean?” you ask.

For your upper body, you want to find some sort of voluminous coat. Mind you: by no means am I implying to buy oversized outerwear.

The coat, jacket, and/or sweater must be sized—that is, fitted to your size—but the style is to have lots of volume. Some of these voluminous coats even feature an ample cow-neck collar.

For your lower body, the best choice is a pair of skinny pants or very slim-leg trousers—any sort of pant that gives the effect of a legging, which maintains a masculine appearance.

Then, tuck your choice of tight pants into a rugged worker boot or some sort of trendy boot.

You can even take some dark cord and wrap it several times around the ankle of the boot to jazz up the look.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the slim look or you simply cannot find a skinny pair that works, simply roll up the pant leg to slightly above the boots.

Top off the look by pulling the flaps of your boots down, even untied if possible, and let the boots do the walkin’.

Get some more ideas from the images.

If you do not care for the style, well, at least enjoy the video:

Text Copyright Men’s Fashion by Mark, photos Copyright Chi Zhang.

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Style Trends: These Boots are made for Walkin’… + trends styles