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Serum Versus Venum: Toward a New Luxury

Summer 2016 marks the return of Brooklyn-based fashion brand, Serum Versus Venom (SVSV). The return celebrates a new vision and focus on expanding its "street couture" bespoke model, with ambitions to serve a much larger audience.

"While much has changed during our hiatus, our obsession with quality has never altered. After searching the world for inspiration and innovation, we are finally at a point where we believe we can offer something that is better than our previous best." - David Gensler, Founder, SVSV

Anti Mass Agenda

We believe that no product mass produced and intended to be consumed by a mass market should ever be considered rare or exclusive.

Rarity and exclusivity should come from the scarcity of materials and the complexity of skills, craftsmanship and time spent in manufacturing. Marketing, Image and Association are ultimately not elements of quality and thus should never be factors of value.

Our Mission

Our goal is to produce innovative and relevant garments and objects of the highest quality that help our consumers achieve a state of hyper individuality.

Quality Control

We believe the Designer should maintain complete and constant control of all steps from concept through consumption, with an acute focus on manufacturing.

Passion & Tradition

SVSV is exclusively made in our own Brooklyn-based factory. No outside or unknown hand plays any part in our production. We are proud to live and work in New York, playing a small part in continuing this city’s rich heritage of producing world class garments.

We believe passion and obsession equal unsurpassed quality.

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