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Nenukko Autumn/Winter 2016 “Darkness Requires White Spots”

The idea behind the collection was to attempt an artistic and ideological connection of divergent yet not contradictory tendencies present in modern aesthetics.

Integration of futurism and folklore has a dimension of both visual experiment and the search of timeless style formula.

By applying the rule of the inverse proportionality, tailoring coquetry and traditional workshop were rejected in favour of the free body shaping by bending, wrapping, and breaking or punctual combining of various elements.

Fabrics with a clear industry finishing and specific technical characteristics were used in simple forms, sacrificing the complexity of the design and decorative detail. Primitivism of the shape is combined with modernity of the material and architectural block is broken by softness of the weave.

Syncretism of styles and synthesis of aspirations allow passing over contradictions, rejecting the necessity of choice, and reconciling what seems conflicted.

Every darkness requires white spots.

About Nenukko

Nenukko is a design team creating in the spirit of the unisexual simplicity and acting out of its own principle: without over-interpretation, without limitation, away from the consumer madness. The preferred fabric is knitwear, whose technical features allow realizing the basic ideological assumption: the universality of sex. The authors’ purpose is the visual inventiveness and reaching beyond the classical stylistic conventions. In this way, fashion is understood as a multithreaded process of change, in which the authors include themselves with all possible precautionary.

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Photos & text Copyright Nenukko.

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Nenukko Autumn/Winter 2016 “Darkness Requires White Spots” + Polish fashion designers