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Men’s F/W 2016-12 Innovate Trend Mpdclick.com

Seasonal Theme Menswear: Fall/Winter 2016-12

presents a clean, considered aesthetic drawing inspiration from instructional diagrams & scientific symbols for the Men’s market. Refracted light patterns and chemical colors synthesize with organic structures and molded shapes for an invigorating vision. Presented on WeConnectFashion, courtesy of Mpdclick.com.

Menswear F/W 2016-12 Trend Forecast

A clean, considered aesthetic draws inspiration from instructional diagrams and scientific symbols. Refracted light patterns and chemical colors synthesize with organic structures for an invigorating vision. Mpdclick provides a valuable range planning tool with garment inspiration from runway, trade fair, retail & street, directed in to seasonal phases for autumn/winter 2016/12.

Phase 1: spectrum

Spectrum inspired by the angular and geometric forms of prisms and spirographs, while synaesthesia [union of the senses] adds spontaneity to the aesthetic. Shapes and lines are inspired by harsh angels and flat surfaces: voluminous silhouettes are constructed from panels, with rotating prints often adorning each. Unusual shapes and proportions combine; sight structural touches mix with controlled fluidity, such as sharp cap sleeves on flowing garments, while linear graphics and prints juxtapose softer profiles.

Proportions sees voluminous tops combined with slim-fitting cigarette pants with linear piping, while later harem and loose-fit styles may combine with body-con tops, complete with asymmetric necklines. Blocks of perfect seamless free-fall shapes have limited fastenings with unfussy yet precise details; structured pleats, fluid gathers, and triangular gaudets provide interest and figure enhancement.

Contrasting textures also add interest: mixing latex with crepe or silk satin. Meanwhile cooler and print effects are stimulated by light bouncing and reflecting off surfaces adding an iridescent, semi-sheer appearance.

clever panelling; angular & prism prints; controlled fluidity; contrasting colours; soft silhouettes; precise clean cuts; soft layered fabrics; bright colour palette; simple shapes featuring block prints; gaudets & geometric inserts; long line tee's; uneven hemlines.

precision-cut tapered trousers; colour contrast hemlines; saturated & abstract graphic prints; light colour fade effects; sharply creased denim jeans; asymmetric folds & drape; fitted and pleated waistlines; bold colour palette; carrot & peg leg shapes.

statement waterfall jackets; bold colour blocking; linear piping; asymmetrical hemlines; free falling fabrics; clashing cubic prints; refracted light inspired prints; defined necklines; minimal detailing; synthetic high-shine & iridescent fabrics.

Phase 2: nurture

Nurture places our natural environment under the microscope intelligent interfaces, and sensory surfaces push the boundaries of mainstream fashion, gaining a functional yet slightly futuristic aesthetic. Molded shapes with sleek organic curves are the result of fabrics like neoprene-manipulated resin-plated fine gauge knits and polyurethane based materials. These bold dramatic cocoons skim the body and contrast the use of delicate graphics and prints with x-ray like qualities.

Science further influences the theme with laboratory inspired shapes: belted button-through jackets hark back to the exemplary lab-coat yet reinvent and add a touch of minimalism to the quintessential trench. Defined, rounded shoulders update the past silhouettes, while soft funnel necks line with bright color and excitement.

In contrast, body-con under layers use latex, PVC, and stretched mesh in neutral hues. Denim flavors innovative details with twisted belt loops, and intricate back pocket stitching. Block shades with minimal distressing add to a calm, clean aesthetic.

clinical block white; moulded shapes; organic structure; modern minimalistic styling; reworked silhouettes; form holding fabrics; soft funnel necks; style meets function; clean cut; exaggerated & rounded shoulders.

functional traditionally cut trousers; reinvented classics; tapered leg; defined seams; contrasting detailing, linear graphic prints; cool white; minimalistic design, lab inspired basics; synthetic textiles; unaffected & plain denim.

sculpted shoulders; laboratory inspired shapes; organic silhouettes; asymmetric zip placement; simplistic styling; linear shapes; controlled fluidity; tailored aesthetic; geometric panelling; oversized outerwear, magnified nature themed digital prints; moulded panelling.

Phase 3: quantum

Instruction and calculation provides an intelligent solution to everyday tasks, which is further emphasized by Quantum’s use of color and composition. A controlled, linear outline dominates, also affecting print placements and details. Lattice cut-outs and precise fan pleating evokes a sense of care and deliberation, with brash synthetic color interspersed and peaking through.

Color and surface are inspired by equations and the chemical elements: grid-like and angular patters and panels in the synonymous muted hues form clean and contemporary decoration. Extreme proportion play is again an inspiration, this time layered over one another; figure-hugging separates are worn with bubble shapes and outsized outerwear, while unusually flared hems and epaulets add a futuristic, experimental dimension.

Denim styles are clean and simple, using linear stitching, multi-way zips and paneled details. Innovative double waistbands, concealed zips, thin pocket chains and dropped-crotch shapes contribute to a fashion-forward visual. Subtle effects and slight whiskering enliven otherwise plain washes.

reworked tailored shirts; clean multi-functional shapes; geometric patterns; colour flashes; basic cut tops; mathematical panel detailing; contrasting colour blocking; interrupted stripes; synthetic fabrics.

controlled panel placement; geometric inserts; straight leg; clean precise pleating; contrast fabrics; intelligent & treated textiles; linear colour flashes; leg lengthening side seam details; deliberate proportions; overdyed denim jeans.

contrasting piping details; diverse fabric choices; proportion play; silhouette altering shapes; accurate detailing; calculated panel placement; 3/4 length jackets; sharp hemlines; visually stimulating prints.

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