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Kent Denim Spring/Summer 2016 Kick Starter Collection

Talk about staying ahead of the times, Noah Landis has already released his 2016 spring/summer collection of Kent Denim at nearly half the price!

“Instead of discounting old merchandise,” say Noah, we are discounting new merchandise before it is even released.”

This collection is all part of the Kent Denim kick-starter program, which is designed to assist Noah in promoting Kent Denim.

Based in Los Angeles, Noah Landis is a young talented designer who has been designing for 5 years.

Combining East and West Coasts, the collection is a mixture of East Coast Beach Party and Santa Monica Boardwalk.

Following US consumer trends and demands, Kent Denim is 100% “made in the US.”

Watch the informative video here and, then, check out some more denim shots.

Photos Copyright Kent Denim.

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Kent Denim Spring/Summer 2016 Kick Starter Collection + US fashion designers