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InAisce Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection: “Ashen Tundra, Frozen Roads”

In this his fourth collection, Jona takes the wearer to the frontlines of the struggle between man and his environs. “Ashen Tundra, Frozen Roads”, which includes InAisce’s first foray into women’s wear, evokes the severe yet tranquil alpine environs of the designer’s youth.

Heavily textured materials with a palette of soft, cold neutrals conjure scorched hinterlands and icebound cityscapes.

The hues of a distressed sheepskin mimic the frozen shallows of an alpine lake while fleshy micro suede hints at the blue-black of its watery depths.

A triple-ply needle-punch simulates snow on asphalt with the black wool layer felted through the white cotton top layer.

Coated and tumbled lambskin bonded to Lycra gives the illusion of cracking obsidian.

Twice-washed elk-hide jackets shield against the elements as paper ‘hauberks’ are woven with wool and cashmere for elegant insulation.

The calfskin ‘Highlander’ boots are finished to resemble frosted tundra while the ‘Steppe Strider’ boots are of a steely black horse skin.

The seaming and silhouettes reflect both the forced lines of man-made superstructures and the crags and crevasses of mountain peaks.

An elk skin flight jacket faced with shearling unzips at four points on the neck, peeling the anatomically streamlined piece into a jagged form.

The fluid seaming of the full-length ‘Reversible Levitation’ is contrasted by jutting, inverted French seams at the joints and an apex at the back of the spherically molded hood.

Sleeves and pant legs are extended on cut-and sew pieces to create an exaggerated stacking at the extremities suggesting coiled energy.

The garments not only cover the wearer’s feeble flesh but endeavor also to give a glimpse of the immortal beneath that flesh. The woman radiates strength and tranquility. The man grows stoic and unwavering as he embraces his frailty and learns to ride the storm.

About InAisce

Brooklyn-based label, (pronounced in-äs-kə, meaning ‘in vain’ or ‘for nothing’ in Gaelic), was launched by Colorado-born designer Jona, who goes by first name only. Jona’s designs result heavily from memories of his travels throughout Europe, Asia, and Colorado.

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InAisce Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection: “Ashen Tundra, Frozen Roads” + US fashion designers