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Eastie Welcomes You to the 2016 Spring/Summer Collection

Eastie welcomes you to their world of tailoring for the gentlemen and journeymen found in every modern man.

Travel, ambition and a desire to look your best is at the forefront of the fashion conscious male’s mind daily, and Eastie, a brand that embraces Eastern influence mixed with a western appropriation of heritage styles once perfected by Himalayan adventurers, and gents of the British Raj successfully combine them all to produce iconic fashion with contemporary features and a polished fit.

Sartorial living and lifestyle run throughout Eastie from what the brand represents to the materials used in the collection, all constructed from the best Indian fabrics lined with the finest linen available.

From the shirting, blazers and even down to the variety of trousers on offer all is tailored to provide a proper fit and a civilized finish providing comfort like no other.

Eastie aims to provide durable work wear that is built to last and that will stand the test of time.

It is for this reason Eastie celebrates the ‘dandy old world’ and mixe and adapts it to produce a style guide for a more civilized modern world.

See more shots here of the collection.

Photos & text Copyright Eastie, Courtesy Sane Communications.

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Eastie Welcomes You to the 2016 Spring/Summer Collection + UK fashion designers