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Butterflysoul: Urban Ape…Radical Charming!

The BUTTERFLYSOULFIRE men’s collection for summer 2016 is affected by a very personal and intimate vibe.

It is a view into a world where clothing is less ordinary.

Based on black and white tones, the pieces are about draping, structure and destruction.

There are vibrant loose fits as well as tight and sexy silhouettes showing lots of skin.

The iconic urban ape stands for a new personality; he is the chieftain of the inner constitution, proud and extroverted.

Standing strong on the ground with a mind flying up in the sky.


The label BUTTERFLYSOULFIRE exists since nearly a decade.

The two designers Maria Thomas and Thoas Lindner are self educated, which probably is the reason for their outstanding style and handwriting.

With the opening of their own store in Berlin one and a half years ago, they also built a platform for new up-and-coming designers.

Have a look at the entire collection.

Photos & text Copyright Butterflysoulfire.

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Butterflysoul: Urban Ape…Radical Charming! + Thoas Lindner