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Street Star Expands Exclusive Clothing Brand

Industry rebels hand select boutiques and e-tailors to carry their hand-crafted garments.

Street Star Lifestyle Brand, a Philadelphia based clothing label, has set their sights on expanding distribution of their line throughout the nation and into Canada. They are currently in negotiations with select high-end boutiques and online retailers to carry the label. They have partnered with experienced sales reps and select showrooms and have put together a rigorous nationwide marketing campaign to increase awareness of their exclusive brand.

Street Star redefines and interprets self expression in creative, abstract and interesting ways. They focus on quality, style and individuality and represent a rebellious and free-spirited way of life. Anyone from celebrities and reality stars to the most hip and trendy individual has been seen wearing their garments.

As an emerging label, they are working diligently to create a brand that is the true embodiment of self-expression and style. “We don’t just make t-shirts, we invest time and passion into everything we create” says designer, Bobby Scalia. Depending on the amount of detailing involved, one shirt can take anywhere from one hour to 24 hours to construct.

The clothing is created by an artistic process rather than by a strictly mechanical one. Using only the finest materials, they hand craft every garment with meticulous detail. Because the number of multiples is limited, their clothing is sought after by the most fashion conscious individual.

Check out the collection of tees.

About Street Star Lifestyle

Founded in 2008, the Street Star Lifestyle Brand designs, produces and distributes clothing for those who want to stand out in the crowd. The collection is created piece by piece and not mass produced, making each garment truly one of a kind. Quantities are limited, allowing the fashion-minded individual to remain the trendsetters while wearing the Street Star Lifestyle Brand.

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Street Star Expands Exclusive Clothing Brand + US fashion designers