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Shrine Haberdashery—the Luxury e-Boutique

Spring is finally here, but with rising temperatures comes the pesky April rain. Don’t let a little sprinkle put a damper on spring style. Shrine Haberdashery has a great selection of luxurious handmade umbrellas and headwear that will make a perfect addition to any gentlemen’s wardrobe while also keeping them dry all season long.
Shrine Haberdashery is a luxury boutique committed to making the world's finest and most obscure artisan-crafted men's accessories available to all. Based in Chicago, Shrine's retail store has quickly become a haven for some of Chicago’s best-dressed. ShrineStyle.com makes many of its rare products available to a wide audience for the first time.
See the photos of Mark Maglia umbrellas and Lagomarsino hats.
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Shrine Haberdashery—the Luxury e-Boutique + umbrellas